Terms and conditions


By using this website, owned by Belgian Happiness or by placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below. We reserve the right to change or update these terms and conditions at any time. We recommend to check periodically our website for changes and updates.


Corporate Identity / Entrepreneur

Belgian Happiness (hereafter named BH)

Antwerp / Belgium

Jan Goris - Founder - Manager

Company registration number : BE 0701 486 677 

Email : info@belgianhappiness.com

Phone number : +32 472 799 490


Age Restriction

By placing an order on www.belgianhappiness.com the buyer confirms that he/she is of legal drinking age. If you buy alcoholic beverages as a gift, both you and the recipient need to be of legal drinking age. Please check your local legislation about this subject. Our courier, and we as well, have the right to request for an ID to ensure the legal drinking age condition. This regulation is meant in order to protect minors. If this request is refused or the condition is not fulfilled, the courier has the right to cancel the delivery. BH then cannot be hold responsible for cancelling of that delivery. Nor there will be a refund of that order.


Sensible Use of our Products

Be aware that the exaggerated consumption of alcoholic beverages can be unhealthy. That is why we recommend to consume our products well considered.  BH is not responsible for any allergic reactions after using our products. Our products mention an expiry date. It is the customer’s responsibility to consume his/her goods before the expiring date.


Right of Withdrawal

The buyer has 14 days to return, at its expense, the products he ordered, without penalty and without giving any reason. This period starts from the date of delivery of the order. The products must be returned to Belgian Happiness in its original packaging, sufficiently packed.  This right only applies to non-opened, non-damaged, non-broken and non-personalized beerbottles. After receipt of the returned goods, BH will refund the buyer within 30 days with a bank transfer on a shared bankcost basis. The refund only applies to the returned goods.


Prices and VAT - Shipping to EU

Every EU country has its own vat rate. According to the new EU rules local vat must be calculated in order to make it possible that vat is collected by your country. Therefore it is important to choose your country at the beginning on top to get the right prices for your country. It is possible to order as a company. Be sure you put in your vat number preceded by your land code and without spaces. Only then vat will be extracted as a intra-community supply.


Prices and VAT - Shipping outside the EU 

Shipments outside the EU will not attract vat. At the checkout page Belgian tax 21% on the beers will be extracted. It is possible that you may have to pay local vat and or taxes. These costs are at the customers responsability.


Import Restrictions, prohibitions and local taxes.

It is the customer’s responsibility to examine and inquire all local import restrictions and/or prohibitions before ordering. If applicable, it is his/her responsibility to be provided with all necessary import licences and/or approvals.  In case the ordered goods are blocked or cannot be customs cleared or cannot be delivered because of these restrictions, prohibitions or lack to the necessary licences or approvals, BH can not be hold responsible. There will be no refund of that order. Local taxes must be paid by the customer. In case the package is blocked by customs, it is the customer's responsability to pay all local taxes. In case a package is resend to BH because the customer did not pay the local taxes, there will be no refund of that order.


Availability of Products

If products proof to be unavailable, after the order has been validated, the customer shall be informed by email as soon as possible or we replace it into a similar product of about the same price.



Although we do our utmost to deliver your order promptly, we cannot accept any liability for delays of delivery for any cause. Deliveries may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or customs charges. If applicable, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay these charges, which will not be refunded by BH. Being an end-user the customer is responsible to comply with local laws and obligations towards local authorities. Although we protect your privacy as much as possible,  customs control of your ordered goods is possible but is not our responsibility. This may cause delay in the delivery.


Storage time in depot (Home Delivery) and Pickup storage time - Additional costs.

Storage time is limited! When the storage time is over, the parcel will be sent back to BH. This is the courier's policy. When a parcel is sent back to BH following costs will be calculated:

In case the customer wants us to resend that same order, the retour sending cost, the resending shipment cost and the repackingcost will be invoiced via a Paypal invoice and have to be paid in advance before reshipment can proceed.

In case the customer cancels the order, the amount of that order will be refund minus the retour sending cost, the original packingcost and the original bankcosts. The refund will be done within 14 days after we received that parcel.

In case a package is returned to us because it is refused by the customer, the order will be refund minus the original shipping cost, minus the resending shipping cost, minus the original packing cost, minus the original bankcost, minus the bankcost for the refund, minus an administrative cost of €10. We do not resend refused and returned orders. The DPD returning label is determinative and will not be discussed.

ZZ product codes or other personal specific product codes

It is possible that we create personal specific product codes on the site, ZZ codes or any other personal code, without a picture, text or specification. These are personal product codes for customers with specific demands and it is impossible to know what this product contains. As these codes are personal, they should not be bought by others than the buyer for whom the code is intended. If someone else yet order that specific product and pays for it, we will remove it from the order and make a refund for the amount of that specific product minus 5% on the whole of the order amount, including shipping cost, being bankcost and administration cost. 


Shipping to UK. 

It is important to read the text below to fully understand how shipping to the UK proceeds.

We ship to UK with Fedex. First choose UK on top. 

Beer prices are excluded Belgian VAT (that vat is extracted at the checkout page).
To get your goods custom cleared and delivered 
you will receive a Fedex invoice to pay UK VAT (20%) and a custom fee (min £4.25).
This makes it possible to follow the rules and let the UK collect the vat.

Better pay this invoice immediatly to avoid extra storage costs.
These costs are at the customers responsability. 
Fedex makes 1 delivery attempt.  
When you are not at home at the time of delivery 
the package will be left in the nearest service point for pickup by yourself.
You should receive a courier's notification then. 
Storage time in these service points is short.
When the package is not picked up before exceeding of the storage time,
the package returns to Belgium with high extra costs.
This is the courier's policy. 
These costs are at the customer's responsability.
There will be no resending of that order.
Check your spam box or contact us at info@belgianhappiness.com when the delivery is delayed too long in your opinion.

From us you always receive confirmation emails about ordering, payment and shipping.
So please also check your spam box and mark them in your email system as wished. 

No shipping to Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Channel Islands. 



When goods at the moment of delivery are damaged or incomplete, the customer should make a written reservation on the courier’s delivery note. When no reservation has been made, the customer accepts the order and admits that BH has met its obligations. This acceptance involves the fact that from that moment on the goods are the customer’s responsibility. 


Compensation of broken bottles

In case of damage, the customer has to send us WITHIN 3 DAYS AFTER DELIVERY an email with the ordernumber, a list and pictures of the broken bottles. Also pictures of the opened box as a whole with the damage visible.

We do not resend the bottles that were broken but we will refund in the currency of the original order. We do not compensate any currency fluctuations that may occur. 


Gift cards

Bought gift cards cannot be paid back. If expired there is no refund or prolongation possible.


Consequential Damage

We are not liable for any consequential damage, costs or losses that might occur to the customer or a third party before, during or after consuming or handling our products.


Completeness and Accuracy of Information

BH takes every effort to ensure that the information on this website is correct, accurate and up to date. However, BH takes no responsibility for information that is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date. All texts and material is meant as a guideline to inform the visitor and support him/her in making a choise. To the best of our ability we give advices on this website or by mail,  phone, social media or any other manner of communication. This information is merely informative and cannot be considered as all-embracing.


Feedback, user comments and suggestions

It is possible to send reviews, feedback, user comments, suggestions, comments in general or material online, by email, social media or otherwise. BH has the right to monitor, edit or remove these comments or material that we consider as unlawful, offensive, threatening, libellous, obscene or otherwise.


Third Party Links

Our website may contain non-affiliated third-party links. We are not responsible for the information and materials shown on third-party websites. Nor are we liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content, or any other transactions made in connection with any third-party websites. We recommend to read carefully the third-party’s terms and policies before you engage in any transaction. Complaints and questions should be addressed directly to the third-party.


Intellectual Property Rights

All texts, comments, graphics, buttons, logo’s, banners, illustrations and images reproduced on our website are protected by copyright laws. All rights reserved. Any reproduction in part or in full is prohibited unless the express written permission of BH.


Goods Property Rights

All goods remain BH’s property, till full payment of the order has been received.



All complaints must be submitted to BH via mail to info@belgianhappiness.com within 14 days after delivery.


Governing Law

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian Law. The courts of the legal district of Antwerp have exclusive jurisdiction.


Contact information

If you may have questions about our terms and conditions, please contact us by mailing to info@belgianhappiness.com.