Shipping and delivery


  • USA: smaller orders with lower shipping prices are possible now. Ranges are: 1-12 units / 13 - 18 units / 19 - 24 units.                                                                                                                
  • UK/France/Poland/Austria: No pickup possible at this moment.  According to the information we have, a lot of parcelshops in these countries are closed because of lockdown.



Shipping to EUROPE

You can choose Home Delivery or Pickup in a Parcelshop - for rates see below.

Home Delivery is based on units - maximum 27 units per box.

Pickup in a Parcelshop is based on weight - maximum 20 kilogrammes per pickupbox.

Pickup in a Parcelshop is the cheapest choice.

But there is always a turning point when you want to compare shipping costs. So depending on what you order, it might be possible that Pickup is more expensive than Home Delivery and vice versa.

It is a good idea to simulate with numbers and shipping method at the checkout page to optimise. 



You can only choose Home Delivery - for rates see below.

Home Delivery is based on units - maximum 24 units per box.

  • 25cl or 33cl or 37.5cl = 1 unit
  • 75cl = 2 units

You pay 1 shipping rate per 24 units. As from unit 25, a next box of 24 units can be filled and a shipping rate for 48 units will be shown. 

Smaller orders with lower shipping prices are also possible.

The ranges are 1 - 12 units / 13 - 18 units / 19 - 24 units.

To optimise your shipping cost, always count per 24 units.

Important for US customers: there is no shipping to California

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