Shipping and delivery


  • High fedex fuel surcharge at the moment, shipping rates can fluctuate.
  • UK: read faq for more info!
  • EU: Local tax is calculated according to the new EU rules/first choose your country on top and update to see prices incl local tax.
  • IT: No shipping to Sardegna, Sicilia, Livigno, Campione d'Italia, San Marino.
  • USA: Smaller orders with lower shipping rates are possible. The ranges are: 1 - 8 units / 9 - 12 units / 13 - 18 units / 19 - 22 units - for rates see below and choose your country.
  • CN/HK/JP/KR: Smaller orders with lower shipping rates are possible. For rates see below and choose your country.                                                                                                                         



Shipping to EUROPE

Pickup in a parcelshop is the cheapest option - see below for rates of your country.




You can choose Home Delivery or Pickup in a Parcelshop - for rates see below.

Home Delivery is based on units - maximum 27 units per box.

Pickup in a Parcelshop is based on weight - maximum 20 kilogrammes per pickupbox.

Pickup in a Parcelshop is the cheapest choice.









You can only choose Home Delivery - for rates see below.

Home Delivery is based on units - maximum 18, 22 or 27 units per box (depending on country)

  • 25cl or 33cl or 37.5cl = 1 unit
  • 75cl = 2 units

You pay 1 shipping rate per range. As from the second box the whole full box rate will be calculated. 

Smaller orders with lower shipping prices are also possible.

The ranges are 1 - 6 units / 7 - 12 units / 13 - 18 units for CN/HK/JP/KR

The ranges are 1 - 6 units / 7 - 12 units / 13 - 18 units / 19 - 22 units for the USA

  • Shipping to the UK (no shipping to Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Channel Islands)

Beer prices are EXCLUDED VAT (that vat is extracted at the checkout page). Before UK custom clearance you MAY receive a Fedex invoice to pay UK vat, duties and a custom fee. According to the feedback we receive, this only happens OCCASIONALY, so if you are lucky, you can buy cheap. In case you are unlucky you receive an invoice, this is on your account. Please pay this invoice immediatly to avoid extra storage time costs. These costs are also on your account.

When you are not at home the package will be left in the nearest service point for pickup by yourself.
You should receive a courier's notification then. Storage time in these service points is short. When the package is not picked up before exceeding of the storage time, the package returns to Belgium with high extra costs. This is the courier's policy. These costs are at the customers responsability and will be calculated.


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