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Belgian Beers?


Trappist Beer, Geuze, Kriek, Abbey Beer, IPA, Stout, innovative or Barrel Aged Beers?

Belgian Happiness offers continuously more than 500 beers and ships them

to Europe, the USA and China

The shown prices must be lowered with 21% for the USA and China (not for the shipping cost) - visible at the checkout page.

New beers every month! 

Geuze And Kriek Beers
Discover our selection !

Geuze And Kriek Beers

All year long we offer a selection of Geuze and Kriek beers.

Some are rather common, others are very limited.

Some beers are 'sold out' but please contact us for an updated list.

For the US/CN/JP/HK and KR the shown prices must be lowered with 21% / export prices (not for the shipping cost - visible at the checkout page)



Promo Beers
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Promo Beers


Mostly we offer promo beers

Quality beers at low prices, cellar sale, last bottles, stock clearance..



Mixed Boxes
Discover our

Mixed Boxes


Ever wanted to taste

27 different Trappist beers o27 different Triple beers? 

Or are you more into an assortment of 27 different Classics? 

For the USA, choose the USA boxes for a lower shipping price!

Check it out here!


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