Kriek and Fruit Beers

Lambic beer - or sometimes white beer - is used as a basic beer to brew Belgian Kriek and fruit beer. At the end of the brewing process fruit, fruit juice or fruit aroma is added, just before the start of the fermentation process. Traditionally stone fruit is used such as cherries, peaches, raspberries but also strawberries, bananas and apples are possibilities. Some fruit beers are sweetened artificially, some are sweetened naturally. Fruity beers, especially the sweetened variants, are considered a perfect beer for women because of the lack of the bitter hop taste or sourness.

Belgian kriek beer

Of all fruity beers, Belgian kriek beers are the most renowned. Its unique and sweet taste is loved by many. Belgian kriek beer (also known as Creek or cherry beer) is a perfect beer to drink on a warm, sunny day. It’s sweet but refreshing and has an average alcohol by volume of about 5%.

Belgian Happiness offers a rich variety of kriek beers. Belgian raspberry beer, Kriek beer or peach beer, we offer them all. Find your favorite and enjoy!

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