Collaboration Beer Box

This collaboration beer box contains:

  • Tuverbol 37.5cl: A blend of Loterbol Blond and 3 Fonteinen Lambic, unfiltered
  • Reuss Lambic Blend Sour Ale 75cl: A blend of 80% Bink blond and 20% young Boon Lambic
  • Horal's Oude Geuze Megablend 2017 75cl: A blend of old and young Lambic of 9 Horal members (3 Fonteinen, Boon, De Cam, De Troch, Hanssens, Lindemans, Oud Beersel, Tilquin and Timmermans)
  • Naparbier Oude Geuze 75cl: A collaboration between brewery Montaigu and Naparbier Spain, bottled at brewery De Troch  
  • Cuvée De Ranke 75cl: A blend of 70% Belgian Sour Ale (De Ranke) and 30% Lambic (Girardin and Boon)
  • Mikkeller - Boon Oude Geuze 75cl: A blend of Mikkeller and Boon Lambic
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