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Geuze and Kriek

Lambic, Geuze and Kriek

Belgian Happiness offers a wide variety of sour beers.

In our assortment you find lambic, geuze, old geuze and kriek beers from Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Boon, De Cam, Hanssens, Oud Beersel, Lindemans, De Troch, Tilquin, Den Herberg, Lambiekfabriek, Eylenbosch, DeKoninck, Girardin, Moriau, Horal's and Timmermans.

Old Geuze is made by blending lambic beers of different ages. Old Geuze can be stored up to 30 years. 

Cherries, raspberries, cassis, rhubarbe, schaarbeekse kriek, plums are used to brew delicious Belgian geuze fruit beers.

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Spontaneous fermentation

These beers are traditionally brewed with spontaneous fermentation

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