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Belgian beers offers a wide variety of the finest Belgian beers.

Are you searching for hopped beers, craft beers, trappist beers or speciality beers?

We offer Grimbergen, Chimay bleue, Brugge triple, Westvleteren 12, Gouden Carolus, Saison Dupont,...

Select and buy your beers  online in our Belgian beer shop.



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Trappist beers & other Belgian beers

Our Belgian beer collection contains a large assortment of original Belgian Trappist beers like Orval Trappist, Westmalle Trappist and Rochefort Trappist. 

Also other Belgian beer styles are available such as Abbey, IPA, Farmhouse, Flanders Red, Saison. 

Belgium is considered to brew the best rated beers in the world.

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