Malheur Dark Brut 75cl

Malheur Dark Brut “à la méthode originale” is a dark brown beer with a brown creamy head and 12% alcohol by volume. The yeast is removed from the bottle using special processes (rémuage, turning, and dégorgement whereby only the ambient pressure in the bottle is used to force the yeast out). Malheur Dark Brut has a complex aroma of sherry, Madeira wine, vanilla and wood, and even Haagse Hopjes (slightly coffee and caramel flavoured sweets): this coffee flavour comes from the roasted malt. The secret of the oaky dry, balanced Brut flavour is in the beer barrels: Malheur Dark Brut is matured in young American oak barrels, specially charred for this beer. The bitterness is beautifully balanced with the tannin of the wood and just a hint of the sweetness of the alcohol and a cork dry aftertaste.

Store upright in a cool, dark place with a constant temperature.

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Brewery Malheur
Style Brut Beers
Colour Dark
Bottle Content 75 cl
Alcohol By Volume 12%
Substyle Strong Ale

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