Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvée René 37.5cl - Limited

In order to produce Old Kriek Cuvée René, the cherries ferment in a lambic that is at least six months old in huge 10,000 litre oak barrels called foudres. After six months, this traditional kriek is bottled in corked 37.5cl bottles. The beer will then undergo a spontaneous second fermentation process which, after a few months, will produce the carbon dioxide to which this authentic beer owes its carbonation and distinctive foam head. What makes this traditional Kriek special is that it is brewed with whole cherries. Refreshing aperitif!

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Ruby red with a pinkish-red foam


Character and Flavour

Cherry, fresh, pleasantly tart, nice bitter-sweet balance

Awards / Tips and Facts

Gold Medal Old Style Fruit-Lambic - Brussels Beer Challenge 2016 // Silver - World Beer Cup 2016 - Belgian-Style Sour Ale 

Brewery Lindemans Beer
Style Kriek and Fruit Beers
Colour Red
Bottle Content 37,5 cl
Alcohol By Volume 6.5%
Fermentation Spontaneous fermentation
Substyle Lambic Fruit