La Trappe Blond Trappist 33cl

La Trappe Blond is a clear, sparkling, easy-drinking Trappist beer. It is characterised by the use of refined hops, giving the beer a slightly bitter aftertaste and a distinctively refreshing aroma.

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Character and Flavour

Easy-drinking, slightly bitter aftertaste

Awards / Tips and Facts

Trappist Beer of The Netherlands, close to the Belgian border. Also marked as "Koningshoeven Trappist Ale".

Gold - World Beer Cup 2016 - Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Brewery Abdij O.L.V. Koningshoeven
Bottle Content 33 cl
Alcohol By Volume 6.5%
Colour Blond
Substyle Trappist Beer
Fermentation Top fermentation refermented in the bottle
Style Trappist Beers

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