Duchesse De Bourgogne 25cl

Duchesse De Bourgogne is a sweet-fruity ale of mixed fermentation with a pleasant fresh aftertaste. This ale is brewed with roasted malts and hops with a low bitterness. After the main fermentation and the lagering, the Duchesse De Bourgogne matures further for many months in oak casks. The tannins in the oak give this beer its fruity character. It has a full-sweet and fresh taste. A ruby red jewel of 6 % ABV.

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Red brown, filtered


Slightly sour, touches of wood, dark chocolate

Character and Flavour

Fruity character, obtained by the tannins in the oak-wood barrels

Brewery Verhaeghe
Bottle Content 25 cl
Alcohol By Volume 6.2%
Style Flanders Red
Substyle Flemish Red-Brown
Colour Red
Fermentation Mixed fermentation