Br. 3 Fonteinen Braambes 20/21 75cl - USA €23.97

3 Fonteinen Braambes is the slow and all-natural maceration of hand-picked whole blackberries on traditional lambic. Macerated for 3 months in a 50/50 cut with lambics from 5 different barrels and 5 different brews. The final fruit intensity is 384 gr of blackberries per litre of Braam. No addition of juices, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Unfiltered, unpasteurized.


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Brewery 3 fonteinen
Colour Red
Bottle Content 75 cl
Alcohol By Volume 5.5%
Fermentation Spontaneous fermentation
Substyle Lambic Fruit
Style Kriek and Fruit Beers